All the New Things

This past year I have been writing and working on new songs. Some songs require my editing and reworking, some seem to fall into my lap. Some songs are stories, some are reflections on going through dark times. I found a new song for Leonard Cohen when he died. I’ve been working on creating a cycle of songs inspired by Mark Twain’s The Personal Recollections of Joan of Arc. I’m excited to play a few shows this spring and bring the new songs to your ears.

I recently played a show down at Olive’s in Nyack, NY, with friends and wonderful band Sikemor and also the quite wild Karabas Barabas. Modern Folk meets Indie Rock meets Alt-Rock Psychedelia… and somehow it worked out quite nicely. One other thing – I also opened for the amazing hip hop artist Matre, a great friend who was in the area performing and holding a conversation with the community about transforming inner and outer chaos. It was a really powerful evening and I was honored to be a part.

I have two more shows coming up in May:

7:30 PM May 12th @ No. 6 Depot, West Stockbridge, MA
7:30 PM May 26th @ Free Columbia Space on Main, Philmont, NY

And, there’s a new guitar in the mix. A lovingly made Huss & Dalton that I picked up used from Chicago Music Exchange with the help of my family and friends on the eve of my 30th birthday. It’s so helpful to have an instrument that really makes the music move, especially in the writing process. Although it helps with the performing as well, really a good audience does everything to make the songs move in the performance process.

Seth (my partner) and I are going to Europe for a month in the summer and there are tentative plans to sing the songs in Germany, Finland, and Belgium, as well as to just travel around and see friends and visit a part of the world where the sun sets at 11pm, sits in twilight for a few hours, and then rises again at 3am. Maybe share a little about that in the future…